Robert Cary

Director and Audit Committee Chair, St. Catharines Hydro Inc.
Director, St. Catharines Hydro Generation Inc.
Director and HR-Compensation Committee Chair, Alectra Inc.


Robert Cary graduated from the University of Cambridge in England. He is a Professional Engineer and has an MBA. With a background in engineering and management of international projects, he has undertaken project management, business and corporate development functions, largely in the energy sector. He has been associated with the Ontario electricity sector since 1990, first for AGRA Monenco, then for Westcoast Power.

Since 2000 Rob has provided market design, regulatory and commercial services as a consultant (independent and recently with Charles River Associates) to government, system operator and commercial clients in Ontario, Alberta, and the Maritimes. He contributed on behalf of generators to the original development of the Ontario electricity market rules, and has been deeply involved in all the major market developments since then. He has worked as a consultant to the IESO (previously the Ontario Power Authority) and a number of generators in the development of programs and negotiation of contracts for many gas-fired, hydroelectric and wind generation facilities in Ontario. Rob was for many years a Director of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO), and served for a period as a trustee of the Niagara Health System.

Rob was a Director of Horizon Utilities Corporation and Horizon Holdings Inc. since their founding, and served as Chair of both from 2012 until their merger into Alectra in 2017.